T1D CGM – Access For All

On average people with T1D in Aotearoa NZ will lose 22 years¹ of healthy life. Lifesaving and life-changing technologies to measure blood glucose and deliver insulin in response to need, are the foundation of type 1 diabetes (T1D) treatment and care in the 21st century, supporting people living with T1D and their whānau to thrive.

But in Aotearoa, New Zealand funded access to these technologies lags behind the rest of the OECD including Australia, the UK and Canada.

This needs to change. The #T1D CGM Accessforall campaign aims to make diabetes technologies an affordable and accessible option for everyone with T1D.

The first step is funding for continuous glucose monitors (CGM and Flash GM). In the lead up to the NZ general election on 14th October 2023, the NZ T1D community are aiming to persuade all sides of politics to commit to providing increased access to these technologies as a basic standard of care for the approximately 20,000 New Zealanders with T1D. This would help address the social and health inequities in Aotearoa caused by lack of funding and access for people living with T1D.

This election, let’s ask our MPs to give Pharmac clear direction (and funding) for CGMs.

For more information, download the #T1D CGM AccessForAll fact sheet here:


Or email Sandra at sbraithwaite@jdrf.org.nz

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