Living with someone with Type 1 – Clare’s Story

Unless you’ve lived with someone who has type 1, it’s difficult to comprehend what 24 hours can look like. Even then, I wouldn’t say you can ever fully understand it.

There are definitely ups and downs literally, celebrating a winning day of stable sugars, and then making sure I haven’t ‘accidentally’ eaten all the lollies when he goes low #guilty.

Aaron probably understand his body better than anyone else every could, but at the same time going out for a sporadic ride, walk or run needs more forward thinking than if I were to head out. We plan out our meals according to the days activity. Type 1 has taught me a lot about how different food types can have a huge effect on blood sugars, it’s really interesting!

Aaron is also fortunate to be able to have a CGM, which I can access via an app. So if he heads out for a long ride I can see how things are going. This type of technology is really useful and reduces (or sometimes increases) anxiety!

Living with someone who has Type 1 has taught me to always be prepared, plan ahead and nothings ever going to be perfect…and that’s ok too. I ignorantly used to wonder why he couldn’t just keep his sugars in range, turns out that’s pretty tricky. You have to live, eat the cake and drink the coke!

There is a constant worry of ‘what if’, as I’ve seen first hand how bad things can get, that’s hard. But it doesn’t stop Aaron doing anything he wants to do and he’s always up for pushing himself to the limits and continuing adventuring (with lollies).

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