Living with someone with Type 1 – Clare’s Story

Unless you’ve lived with someone who has type 1, it’s difficult to comprehend what 24 hours can look like. Even then, I wouldn’t say you can ever fully understand it. There are definitely ups and downs literally, celebrating a winning day of stable sugars, and then making sure I haven’t ‘accidentally’ eaten all the lollies […]

Type 2 fun for type 1 riders

Published in Spoke Magazine, issue 84 January 2022. Re-published with Authors approval. Tackling the Lake Hawea Epic in the name of diabetes research.The rough terrain jolts jelly snakes and energy bars from a top tube pack. That’d be unfortunate for a lot of competitors in the Hawea Epic near Wanaka, but for a Type 1 […]

Meet Aotearoa’s Cyborg Kids

By Dr. Susan Wardell, Senior Lecturer, University of Otago Acknowledgements: This article is based on research was funded by a Marsden ‘Fast Start’ Grant (PI: Susan Wardell, 2020-2023). More info on the overall project at With massive thanks to Laura Starling, my Research Assistant, for conducting and transcribing many of these interviews. All artwork […]

Just like every other teen… with a twist

For Elijah Booth, being diagnosed with Type-1 diabetes as he was on the cusp of becoming a teenager, was a challenge he wasn’t expecting.“I had been skateboarding with my mate only hours before and came off my board. A broken collarbone and being told I had diabetes – it wasn’t the greatest day.”“I remember immediately […]

Whaka 100: Kate’s Story

Kate Bone

My type one diagnosis came one Wednesday afternoon totally out of the blue. Suddenly my world was full of testing, needles, insulin, and a whole host of other things I never had to pay attention to before. Not long after being diagnosed I was listening to a podcast on Eric Toza, a Type One who […]