About JDRF

JDRF is led by a Board of Trustees who are dedicated to working together to find a cure for type 1 diabetes.

With their support, and yours, we move closer to a world without type 1 diabetes every day.
Aaron Perry

Aaron Perry

I am a former professional cyclist and have been riding bikes since I could walk. Growing up in Rotorua with some of the best mountain bike trails at my doorstep gave me a head start into the world of biking. I have since competed in some of the biggest cycling races in the world, all whilst managing the complexities of racing and T1D. I was diagnosed at the age of 16 and despite this I realised my dream to ride professionally for Team Novo Nordisk, an all T1D professional road cycling team. This led me to partner with JDRF to continue to drive awareness about T1D. I have now brought JDRF to NZ as a charitable trust. Our aim is to provide funds for research, advocate for, and provide up to date education and peer support for Type 1 diabetics.

Clement Holgate

Growing up in the South Island of NZ exercise has always played a large part in my life. Weekends hiking in the hills, kayaking rivers, mountain biking, skiing the outdoors have always been a good place to clear the head and stretch the legs.
Diagnosed with T1 Diabetes at age 15, things didn’t really change, but finding ways to best manage and live with T1 has been an ever evolving process over the last 20 years.
I am excited to be involved with JDRF NZ and help others navigate a new part of life living with T1 Diabetes.

Kate Bone

Joining the T1D community after being diagnosed at 30 I remember being handed an “Managing Type 2 booklet” and thinking this can’t be right! Since that day I have been passionate about the level of support T1Ds need to navigate the challenges of living with a long-term illness.
Spending a significant chunk of my childhood either sailing on the Waitamata Harbour or jumping around a netball court I was always a super active kid and this has crossed over into my adult life. I haven’t let my diagnosis stop me from doing anything and now you will likely find me in Rotorua’s Whakarewarewa forest on my bike or hiking somewhere in the mountains. I’m excited to be involved in the JDRF NZ community going forward and to pave the way for better support!

Peter Jenks

Educated at Wellington College, I then qualified as a Registered Valuer (FNZIV, FPINZ). Over a fifty-year career I held roles as an NZIV Council member, a Board member and Chairman of ValGroup Ltd, and was Director of Jenks Valuation Ltd in Rotorua for many years until retirement. Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) at age 55 required me to learn how to manage the condition in order to continue my outdoor and sporting life, including road and mountain biking in which I still participate.
With a grown-up family including a T1D son and several mokopuna I have a direct interest in being involved with JDRF NZ particularly in respect of advocating for children and teenage T1Ds. At the time of my diagnosis in 2001 there was limited support available, a situation which JDRF NZ endeavours to address.

Nicola Smallwood

Kia ora! I have worked in the not-for-profit sector for over 10 years with a range of organisations, supporting in management, business development and marketing.
My partner is a Type 1 diabetic. Like anyone who knows or lives with a T1D, I’m in awe of their management of this disease everyday, all day. I am passionate about supporting equitable access to medication and systems to manage T1D and providing a voice for T1D in Aotearoa.

Graeme Houston

My first introduction to JDRF was 14 years ago when our son Tom was diagnosed with T1D in the US at the age of 4.
The JDRF family were incredibly supportive during those early years teaching us how to live with the disease and providing hope that it will be cured and an avenue to channel our passion to do what it takes to make this a reality.
On returning to Australia we continued our association with JDRF thru the NSW SLG, and the peer support program. Being born in Hokitika NZ I remain a loyal Kiwi and could see the massive inequity in how T1Ds are supported in NZ without any JDRF representation to coordinate and advocate on their behalf and it is this reason that I want to do what I can to make JDRF NZ a reality.